Transform your loft conversion with lighting

Lighting in your loft conversion is a key feature.  It is often something that is left to the last minute, but actually a lot of care and consideration should go into this decision.

You need to think about how you wish your loft conversion to be lit.  Here are a few questions you should ask yourself:

  • Are there certain areas that need to be better lit than others?
  • Do you have sloping ceilings? You need to take these into consideration
  • Do you want to be eco friendly?
  • Do you need different types of lighting in different areas?
  • Do you want a dimmer switch?

If you want to save money, be green and opt for lighting that looks modern and sleek, why not chose LED bulbs?  LED bulbs use around 1 to 5 watts of power.  If this means nothing to you, did you know that a standard GU10 (halogen bulb) uses around 30 to 50 watts of power.

Think of all the money you will save on your energy bills! They are more expensive but will last longer and use low energy.

So, what is the right bulb for your loft conversion? 

Well, if you are after a really bright bulb that gives off a white, clear light then you are best off with a 3000K halogen bulb.  If you want something slightly warmer and less of a harsh light then a 2700K halogen is best.

But, if you want something that is energy saving and will help to reduce your carbon footprint then opt for a LED bulb. Whatever bulb you go for make sure that you have enough to keep your loft conversion bright and warm, but not too many that it overpowers it.

For advice, why not contact us? As with all of our loft conversions, we will help you step-by-step and advise you on what is best for your space.