Make space for the loft conversion

Is this year loft conversion year?  If so, you can get started by calling in the team at Topflite Loft Conversions to discuss your options and see whether or not you need planning permission.  This depends on the type of conversion you select.

More Storage SpaceChances are you’ve used your loft to store a number of things!  So to make the conversion as streamlined as possible, it is good if you can remove any old storage boxes from the space.   In fact anything you’ve put up there and probably forgotten about too.

It could be a real treasure trove tucked away under your roof.   Or it might be a chance to get tough with yourself and just get rid.

  • • Go through everything to sort into keeps, sell, charity shop or chuck/recycle
  • • Remember to only keep things you really can’t part with – family heirlooms or keepsakes
  • • If the object hasn’t been used since it went into the loft, ask yourself if it is really wanted
  • • If you find something you don’t want but that may have some value, find out.  You might make some money even before the conversion is under way
  • • Why not have a garage sale and sell off everything your find?
  • • If you find heirlooms or furniture you want to keep, consider hiring some nearby lock-up storage


Now the space is all ready for that great conversion that you’ve discussed with our Topflite team and we can get on with it!

Why not give us a call today and we can set the loft conversion balls in motion: Freephone 0500 622421.

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Topflite Loft Conversions show off

At Topflite Loft Conversions we understand that when you’re considering a loft conversion it’s not always easy to picture the transformation of your dark, dusty loft into a wonderfully light, welcoming additional room.  Understandably so, it’s difficult to get a grasp of how big the space will be, let alone how accessible when you’re hanging off a ladder and waving a torch around.

Loft conversions ChorleyWe can help you see the light!
So we’ve made it a little easier for you by showcasing two types of ready-built loft conversions at our showroom in Chorley.  Here you can take a look around and see exactly what’s possible and discuss your requirements with our expert team.  Did you know the Topflite Loft Conversion’s team has a combined experience of 150 years between us?

We can also show you lighting possibilities, fixtures, bathroom accessories and our range of Velux blinds.

Helping you get the picture
If you can’t make it along to the showroom, you can see examples of our showroom loft conversions, Velux blinds and our completed loft conversions in our image galleries on our website.  This should help you get started with imagining your new dream space.

Once you’ve found your inspiration, give us a call FREE or pop along to the showroom for a chat.

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