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If you are considering a loft conversion this year then you need to make sure it is ready! With the long bank holiday weekend fast approaching, why not use this time to catch up on all those jobs you have been putting off? You could start from the top of your house, your loft.

With spring very firmly here it is the ideal time to get rid of what you don’t want and store what you do.  At Topflite Loft Conversions we have some great ways to re-use and recycle all your old and unwanted loft items.

Be ruthless 

Chances are, if you have stored it in your loft then you don’t use it much.  Be ruthless. Get rid of anything that you don’t use or need anymore.


One persons trash is another persons treasure.  Be sure to donate any unwanted clothes and books to your local charity.  What you find in your loft could be of great use to your local charity shops.  If you have a large amount of items then many charity shops will come and collect them.

The tip

Your local tip will be able to re-use many of the things you find in your loft, from old computers to furniture.  So why not load up the car and head down to your local tip? You will feel better, and lighter for it!


If you search online you will find your local freecycle site.  It is a place where you can offer and request items that you want.  So why not sign up and offer the unwanted contents of your loft? Your local freecyclers will be sure to use it and will come and collect it.  It also means that if there are things you need you can request them and see if anyone locally is giving them away.

Once you have spent some time clearing out the contents of your loft, give us a call.  We can come round and give you a quote.  We look forward to seeing what your loft space can add to your home!