Save money for your loft conversion

Are you planning on a loft conversion? Have you recently had a loft conversion but need to save some money for the decor? This time of year can certainly be costly.  Saving money can be extremely hard.  But there are a wide range of money saving ideas that can help.

1. De-clutter

Clearing out your loft or garage can unearth some great treasures.  You can make some extra cash by simply selling your unwanted items on eBay.  It will also leave you with the extra space for your loft conversion!

2. Energy saving

You can save money on your energy bills by replacing all your lightbulbs with energy saving bulbs.

3. Heating

This time of year can most certainly be cold.  However, by turning your thermostat down by just a few degrees can really make a difference on your heating bill.  Also, make sure that you have the right level of insulation in your home.  By adding a loft conversion you will be able to insulate your loft much better.

4. Rent it out

If you are planning on a loft conversion you could consider renting out a room in your house to a lodger.  You could also rent it out as desk space for a freelancer.  That way you could make some extra cash each month.

5. Plan ahead

Writing lists can help to reduce your weekly costs.  When food shopping, writing a list will mean you only buy what you actually need.  That way you won’t spend frivilously on the items you don’t need.

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