Planning a loft conversion? Let your neighbours know

Planning a loft conversion? Let your neighbours know 

When you are planning a loft conversion there are many things to consider.  You may already have plenty of loft conversion ideas, or you may not be sure what you will use it for.  Whether you need more room in your home or simply want to extend for investment purposes, a loft conversion is ideal.

They are the perfect way to create that extra space you so desperately need, without having to move home.  That dusty old loft space that has become a storage space for all your old and unwanted items could soon become a study, kids play room or even a master bedroom with en-suite.

But whatever you decide to go ahead with you may want to let your neighbours know first.  Unlike years ago when all extensions required planning permission, most loft conversions no longer do.

It is still worth checking with your loft conversion company if you do need to put in a request for planning permission.  But making sure that you have informed your neighbours is essential.

It can be tempting, once you have made the decision to have a loft conversion, to simply get stuck in.  But telling your neighbours about your plans will make life easier in the long run.

The best way to go about this is:

  • Let them know what you are having done
  • Show them the plans and drawings
  • Inform them of when building will start and roughly when it is due to finish
  • Reassure them that you aim to cause as little disruption as possible
  • When finished, let them see what you have had done!



This way you will keep everyone happy and believe us when we say it will make your life a lot easier.

Don’t forget to let them know who is doing your loft conversion too! You never know, they may follow suit.