Minimum disruption

Well the sunshine has finally arrived.  Here at the Topflite Loft HQ we were starting to worry.  Over the past few months we have been working in all sorts of weather from hail and sleet to wind and terrential rain.  As much as we love creating unique loft conversions it can be awfully tricky to balance on a roof in the gale force winds!

But summer is finally here.  We have been working hard in the sunshine the past few days and it reminded us to share a few tips with you.  Planning for a loft conversion this time of year is ideal.  Provided you don’t need to go through planning applications (see our previous blog on planning permissions) then it really is straight forward.

Now the rain has subsided and the wind has died down, a loft conversion will be quicker to construct.  There are many reasons why building a loft conversion at this time of year means less disruption to you and your home:

Brighter evenings

This gives us more daylight hours to get things done.

Outdoor living 

The summer days will encourage you to be outisde more so you will have less disruption.  Whilst you are basking in the sun we can crack on with your loft conversion.

Holiday season

You can book a holiday and by the time you come back the most disruptive part will be done.

Dry weather 

The dry weather means that your loft conversion will stay better protected during the nights. The plaster and the paint will also dry quicker, which means you will be in your new loft conversion before you know it!

So, if you want to get cracking this summer why not give us a call today? You will be sky high before you know it!