Making money from your loft conversion

Most of us think about loft conversions when we need to increase the space in our homes.  Topflite loft conversions find that this is the case for most clients, they just want more space.  Or sometimes they want more luxurious space such as an en suite bathroom for a master bedroom or a space to use as an office.

Tax Breaks for Rented SpaceOf course in these hard times, one way you could generate more income is to rent out a room – cue loft conversion.  Whether you want to spoil yourselves with more space or use a loft conversion to free up space to rent out, here at Topflite loft conversions we can give you all the advice you need.

If a loft conversion can either be used as a space to rent or free up one of your other rooms to rent out, it might be worth considering.  And just think, in a few years you could have covered the cost of your loft conversion.

Here are some ways of renting your space without feeling as if you have a permanent lodger:

  • • Consider a Monday to Thursday/Friday let for workers who live out of town
  • • Rent out the space as an office to someone starting up a small business or someone who is self-employed, this means they will only be there during the day and not in the evenings when you want to relax
  • • Rent out as a studio for an art-worker – not all studios are messy or dirty.  With more and more people turning to their entrepreneurial skills to start up an ‘art-based’ business, a space to work in is essential.  You could limit availability times so that it fitted in with your lifestyle – but don’t be too dictatorial about the time or they may not take the space
  • • There’s a tax break for rented space – £4,250 tax free before you pay anything on your rented space


Getting down to it

  • • Call Topflite Loft Conversions to assess your loft space and check standing space, load bearing walls etc, floor lintel strength and roof structure
  • • From Topflite Loft Conversions recommendation, choose the type of loft conversion (i) that is best for you and (ii) that you like
  • • Discuss all the possibilities and be clear in your brief about what you want to use the loft space for
  • • If you are having anything other than a velox loft conversion, remember you will need to apply for planning permission which Topflite Loft Conversions can advise you about


Specialist Topflite Loft Conversions will offer you the best service from planning to completion.  We’ll keep disruption to an absolute minimum and you can be sure of a quality job with every attention to detail at competitive prices.

Give us a call today for more information on 0500 622421 or come to the showrooms in Chorley and see two ready-made loft conversions.

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