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Topflite loft conversions know a thing or two about loft conversions.  We know that a loft conversion will expand the available space in your home and give you that extra room or even rooms to accommodate a growing family or a new hobby.

We thought we’d give you insight into loft conversion jargon to understand the different possibilities available depend on your house and what you need to achieve.  There are four types of loft conversion:

Velox Loft Conversion
This rooflight conversion is named after the common name given to rooflights after the main manufacturer,  just like ‘hoover’ has become the name for all vacuum cleaners.  This type of loft conversion is the easiest and most cost-effective.  The added bonus is you don’t need planning permission either.

Dormer loft conversion
This loft conversion comes out of the roof to extend the ceiling height and floor space of a loft conversion.  Dormer windows are usually added to the back of a property and can be designed in a number of ways to suit.

Mansard loft conversion
A frequent user of this style was a 17th century architect who gave it its name!  It reduces the slope and makes the ceiling almost horizontal and usually runs the length of the roof space.

Hip to Gable loft conversion
This is usually the most effective solution for hip roofs where there is little room for a loft conversion.  It works by building up the gable to a level with the hip line.

If you’re none the wiser then talk to us and get converted!  Give us a call  contact us online or visit our showroom.