Interior design considerations for your loft conversion

Here at Topflite Loft Conversions we create beautiful spaces in your loft.  But when it comes to taste, it is a very personal thing.  If you are deciding whether to have a loft conversion you may also want to think about the interior design features.  Here are some things to consider if you are planning on a loft conversion:

A new bedroom via a loft conversion

What do you plan to use your loft conversion for?

Will it be a guest bedroom? A children’s play area or even a gym or a study? Whatever you decide will affect the layout, design and overall planning so think carefully.

How much do you want to spend?

Remember, if you are setting a budget it will need to include furnishing, decorating and the interior design aspect as well as the initial loft conversion costs.  Here at Topflite we are happy to discuss these costs with you.

What colour scheme will you go for? 

Colour is really important.  Depending on what you want to use it for, you need to create a colour scheme that ties in.  If the loft is only going to have space for one window then you will want something light and airy.  Alternatively, if it is going to be a space for your teenage boys or a den for your children you may wish to opt for something darker and more masculine.


What kind of lighting will you opt for? If there is going to be a lot of natural light then your loft conversion need not have a large amount of artificial light.  Spotlights are great for these and at Topflite Loft Conversion we have some great energy saving lighting ideas.

Overall it is important to think things through carefully and have some ideas in mind.  Don’t forget you can always call us at Topflite to discuss your options further.