How to choose the right velux window in six easy steps

When it comes to your loft conversion a velux window can be the perfect solution for your pitched roof.  Here at Topflite Loft Conversions we have six easy steps to helping you choose the right velux window.

Follow these and you won’t go wrong, in fact you will soon have the loft conversion of your dreams!

Step 1

What do you want to achieve? 

Consider the purpose of the room.  Is it a bedroom, a study or will it be a stairwell? How much light do you need and expect? Will it be a solution to a problem or do you want the window to really impress?

If your room receives more daylight it will feel and appear larger.  It is recommended that you have a 15% ration of glazed windows to floor space.

Step 2 

Choose how the window opens 

There are many ways to open a velux window.  Top-hung or centre pivot or even an electric velux.

Step 3 

Natural or white?  

Do you want your window to have a natural wood effect on show or would you rather a white window?  The choice is between natural pine or white polyuerthane.

Step 4 


Velux windows have a toughened outer pane but you can opt for more glazing.  The more glazing you have the safer, more energy efficient the window will be.  It will also keep more sound out.

Step 5 

Install and insulate 

It is important that you have the right flashing for your roof covering.  It is also important that you insulate the area around the windows.  This is in accordance with Building Regulations and something here at Topflite Loft Conversions we know all about!

Step 6 


Once all of the other five steps have been achieved you can then choose a blind to match in with your decor.  This is the final finishing to touch to creating the loft conversion you have been eagerly anticipating.

To find out more simply call us at Topflite Loft Conversions.  We can provide you with plenty of information to help you make your decisions.