Decorating ideas for your loft conversion

Adding the finishing touches to your loft conversion is probably the part you have been waiting for.  You have cleared out your loft, put up with the mess and the noise and now you are left with a beautiful space in your home.  What is left to do is to add the finishing touches.

Perhaps you are employing someone to do this part for you? Or maybe you fancy giving it a go yourself? Whatever you choose you will want to have an idea of what you want.


Depending on what you are using your loft conversion for you will want to consider the furniture you include in it.  Your loft conversion may be acting as a spare bedroom or it may have multiple purposes.  Whatever you are using it for consider the furniture carefully.  If you opt for large furniture you will want to ensure that the space can take it.  If you are cost saving then you can use second hand furniture or visit car boot sales and flea markets to create a unique space.

Don’t forget, when at a furniture showroom or at a market, be sure to take a tape measure with you.  It may look perfect but if it doesn’t fit is will be of no use!

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Accessorise the space 

If the space is being used for multiple things then accessories can really help.  If the space is dark then accessories will brighten it up.  Utilise window sills and walls.  Add pictures, book shelves and even floor cushions near a window.  Opt for a particular colour scheme and incorporate this throughout.  It will help to bring everything together.


You should consider the lighting carefully.  Depending on the size, use and natural light of the loft conversion you will want to pick your lighting accordingly.  Here at Topflite Loft Conversions we can advise you on the right lighting for your loft conversion, including the most up-to-date energy saving lighting.

So what are you waiting for? Get stuck in and make that new loft conversion your own!