Creating a dream loft conversion

As mentioned in our previous blog ‘interior design considerations for your loft conversion’ it is important that you think and plan carefully.  Your loft conversion needs careful consideration so that you get it exactly the way you want it.

A loft conversion shouldn’t simply be about adding a window in the roof and a loft ladder.  It should have durability, style and elegance.  Here are a few other considerations to help you create the space in your loft that is built to last.

Planning Your Project

Enhance the space 

You can boost the space in your loft by adding a dormer or a mansard roof.  This will enable you to maximise on the space in your loft, thus creating a roomier loft conversion.

Storage solutions

If you plan on using your loft conversion as a bedroom or office you can include built in storage.  The space in the eaves will lend itself well to cupboards where you can store all manner of things from office folders to kids toys.


By insulating your loft conversion well you will keep your house warm and reduce the noise.  Avoid wooden floors if possible as carpet will help to keep the sound out. If you choose wooden floors then make sure you soundproof the floors well.

Light and airy 

You can make your loft conversion light and airy by adding velux windows and plenty of neutral colours.

All of these extra things will help to create the right loft conversion for your home.  Before embarking on any kind of building work you need to think and plan carefully.  Here at Topflite Loft Conversions we can cover all of this with you.  Just call us today for a quote and we can get chatting!