Best made plans

There are many things to consider before a loft conversion can go ahead.  From the practical to the fun, here are just a few.

The fun things:
What shall I use the space for?
What colour shall I paint it?
When can I go shopping for accessories?

The practical things:
Is the space suitable?
What’s my budget?
What type of conversion will I need?
Will I need planning permission?
Do I have bats in my roof space?

Bats in Your LoftBats?
Yes, if bats are using your roof or attic space as a roost then you need to address this before anything else on your list.

Because British bats are a protected species by law and have been since 1982.  It may be your roof, but if bats have made it their home, they have more rights to the space than you do!  Disturbing them either deliberately or by having work done to the roof space or blocking their access is a criminal offence.

However, there are a few possible solutions to the situation.  First contact either Natural England or the Bat Conservation Trust who will advise you on how to proceed.  They will more than likely despatch a representative to access your occupied roof space.  Solutions include carrying out the loft conversion at a particular time of year and applying for a licence if the conversion will damage or destroy the roost.

If your roof space is bat free and you’re ready to go ahead with your loft conversion, give Topflite Loft Conversions a call to discuss your ideas on Freephone 0500 622421.

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