A loft conversion – the simple solution

With mortgages hard to come by and many people struggling to move, the need for space is fast growing.  Thousands of people in the UK can’t afford to move but feel their current home is too small.  So what is the solution? Well a loft conversion of course.

The statistics show that almost one third of parents feel their home is too small, but simply can’t afford to move.  One in four children have to share a bedroom.  There is also a significant rise of children who have gone away to university, moving back home with their parents as rent is too expensive.

Loft converted into a wetroom

That is where the loft conversion comes in.  It is the perfect way to maximise on your current home and enhance its space.  If you have loft space that you are not utilising why not consider a loft conversion?

A loft conversion can transform your loft into a space you never realised you had.  It will be minimum disruption to your home but with maximum output.

Depending on the space you have in your loft you may even be able to add two bedrooms as well as a bathroom.  Just think of all the benefits staying and adding a loft conversion can have versus moving home:

  • You can stay in your own home
  • No moving costs such as removal van
  • No stamp duty
  • No extra mortgage repayments

So what are you waiting for? A loft conversion is the less costly, less hassle solution to your lack of space.

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