Don’t let limited space put you off

If you are struggling to cope with the space in your home, don’t be put off.  If you are lacking in storage, space for the kids or an extra room, don’t be tempted to simply up sticks and move.  There are other options available to you.

Whether you live in a terraced home, a semi-detached or a large detached home in the middle of nowhere, a loft conversion could be the solution to all your problems.

Loft space is usually just a place to store unwanted toys, books, memories and Christmas decorations.  But it can be utilised for much better purposes.

A loft conversion is the perfect way to expand your home. That old, dusty space up there could soon be transformed into the most stunning space for you and your family.

What are the options? 

Well, it all depends on what you are after.  Here at Topflite we have helped to transform so many lofts into beautiful spaces.

Here are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • A master bedroom and en-suite
  • A home office
  • An extra room for a lodger – to rent out
  • A kids play room
  • A games room
  • A spare bedroom

Whatever will help to change the dynamic in your living arrangements.

So, if you are thinking seriously about a loft conversion in your home why not contact us today? We can provide a free quote and some helpful advice to get you started.

A loft conversion will also add value to your property, for when the time arises.

We look forward to hearing from you!

2013 – the year of expansion

As you take your Christmas tree down and bundle your decorations into the loft, spare a thought.  Spare being the word of choice here.  Look at all that spare room.

2013 is the year of expansion.  If you feel that your home could benefit from extra space, a little facelift or some love and attention, why not opt for a loft conversion?  That space up above is ready and waiting for you to invest in it.

Here at Topflite we have decades of experience between us in creating the perfect space for you.  Just check out our video to see us in action.

Consider the new bedroom with en-suite bathroom, study area or playroom for your children.  Imagine how much this could change the dynamics of your home?  No more queuing for the bathroom in the morning, silence when working, or a place for your kids to run around.  We will find you a hundred reasons and more for why a loft conversion is right for you.  But we will only give you one name for the job, us!

Just check out our work to see what we can do.

In fact, if you want to see work in progress simply head to our Twitter page – @Topflite_Lofts.  Here you will find plenty of pictures of our latest work and the intricate details we ensure.

Having a loft conversion will add space to your home, as well as raise the value.  So, if you feel like it is time to move due to lack of space think again.  A loft conversion will cost you far less, be much less hassle and provide you with everything you need from your home.

Contact us today to chat about a loft conversion in your home.

Happy new year, from the Topflite team.