Tis the season for…a loft conversion?

Whilst many businesses are slowing down over the holiday season it would appear that we are on over-drive.  We love this time of year, getting loft conversions finished for the guests you have staying, seeing the finished product and getting a chance to truly show off your new space.

If you have been following us on Twitter you will know that we have been sharing photos of our new projects.  From tiling and stud wall insulation to fitting staircases and plastering walls.  These have been just a few of our jobs in the past couple of weeks.

Christmas is a great time for a loft conversion.  With extra guests in your home that extra space is often much needed.  And yes, we know it is not the only reason to have a loft conversion, but it is a chance for you to show off your new guest bedroom or master suite.

Christmas is a time to relax, unwind and slow down.  So, if you are yet to have a chat with your family or loved ones about a potential loft conversion, then now is as good a time as any.

Discuss the use for the extra space.  A study? A games room? An extra bedroom with en-suite?  The list goes on.  If you have some time off then perhaps you can gain some inspiration, chat to neighbours who have had something similar, and then give us a call!

We are on hand to chat you through all aspects of your loft conversion.  In fact, before you give us a call, why not head to Twitter (@Topflite_Lofts) and see what we have been up to.  Check out our gallery on our website and have a read through our blogs.

That way, you will feel fully prepped on the sort of loft conversion you want.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Topflite prepares for Christmas

It really has been a busy year for Topflite.  And, in recent weeks we have been working extremely hard to get our new clients loft conversions ready for Christmas.

So, as you head to the loft to get the Christmas decorations and tree out, what do you see?  Is your loft an empty space?  Or is it packed full of all the unwanted junk from your home?  Whatever you see, it could be time for a change in 2013.

Why not spend the weekend clearing out your loft space as you prepare your home for the Christmas holidays.  Chances are you have relatives to stay and the lack of extra space this time of year could soon be a Christmas ghost next year.

A loft conversion is a great way to maximise on the space in your home, without the stress and cost of moving.  If you are yet to head up to your loft and check it out then we urge you to do so now.

Have a peek, grab the decorations and have a chat with your family.  A loft conversion could really change the dynamics of your home.

Thinking ahead

It won’t be long before 2013 is here.  So, instead of putting those decorations back up after Christmas, why not give us a call?  We can give you a free quote and help you plan and create the most perfect space in your loft.

Why not have a look at our latest Twitter updates? We have been recently uploading pictures from the homes of some of the projects we have been working on.  And we think you will agree that they are looking truly splendid.

We hope you have a great weekend decorating your home for the festive season…and we look forward to hearing from you.