An independent space in the loft

Gone are the days when the children left home as soon as they could.  Most of them can’t afford to now – buying a property is out of the question until they’ve saved and saved and even renting is too expensive especially in the big cities.

Loft Conversions to make en-suite bathroomMaking room
One answer is a loft conversion in your home to make it a self contained bed-sit for your grown-up ‘child’.  It gives them some independence and you a break!  And of course it’s cheaper than moving to a bigger home – after all you don’t want to encourage them to stay forever!

Making it easy
Topflite Loft Conversions can help you with the design and all the legal details.  We work with well-known partners like Velux Roof Lights and Rockwool Insulations to make your loft conversion perfect.

Making a statement
You can come and see two ready-built examples of our work at our showroom in Chorley and of course you can browse our gallery online.  At consultation stage you can tell us what you’re after and we’ll confirm what is possible for your home.

Making sense
After that it’s all down to us.  With all of our experience – a combined 150 + years – we’ll get you up in that roof space in no time and give your off-spring their home in a home.

Come and visit us at Steely Lane, Chorley or call us on FREEPHONE 0500 622421 for more information.

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Keeping your loft conversion within the law

You’ve decided on a loft conversion; you’re going to make the most of all that space in the roof to make an extra room – or maybe two – and can’t wait.  You’ve been in contact with Topflite Loft Conversions for a quote and you’re all set to go.

A loft conversion is usually considered a permitted development to a house and needs building regulations approval but not planning permission.  However it is best to check out our guidelines and then with your local council to make sure you have done everything you need to.

Building RegulationsIf you don’t have permission, when you come to sell you will not be able to class your loft conversion as an additional room and this will affect the selling price of your house.

Consider this list to stay within the planning regulations:

  • • It won’t increase your roof space by more than 40 m³ (terraced house)
  • • It won’t increase your roof space by more than 50 m³ (detached or semi-detached house)
  • • The extension won’t protrude beyond the slope of roof that faces the road
  • • … or above the height of the highest part of the roof
  • • Materials will be similar in appearance to those already in use
  • • The extension will not include balconies, verandas or raised platforms
  • • Any side-facing windows will be finished with obscure glazing
  • • Your area is not protected by any conservation order


Remember any previous roof extension measurements will be included in these regulations.  Topflite Loft Conversions will make sure that any work being carried out will be building regulations approved so that you know the following points are covered:

  • • The floor is structurally sound and can take the additional weight
  • • General stability of building is not at risk
  • • There is safe escape from fire
  • • New stairs are a safe design
  • • There is reasonable sound insulation from other parts of the house


All boxes checked, then you’re ready to go.  With more than 150 years experience between us Topflite Loft Conversions will have you converted in no time.  Visit our showroom or call us on FREEPHONE 0500 622 451 to discuss.

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Best made plans

There are many things to consider before a loft conversion can go ahead.  From the practical to the fun, here are just a few.

The fun things:
What shall I use the space for?
What colour shall I paint it?
When can I go shopping for accessories?

The practical things:
Is the space suitable?
What’s my budget?
What type of conversion will I need?
Will I need planning permission?
Do I have bats in my roof space?

Bats in Your LoftBats?
Yes, if bats are using your roof or attic space as a roost then you need to address this before anything else on your list.

Because British bats are a protected species by law and have been since 1982.  It may be your roof, but if bats have made it their home, they have more rights to the space than you do!  Disturbing them either deliberately or by having work done to the roof space or blocking their access is a criminal offence.

However, there are a few possible solutions to the situation.  First contact either Natural England or the Bat Conservation Trust who will advise you on how to proceed.  They will more than likely despatch a representative to access your occupied roof space.  Solutions include carrying out the loft conversion at a particular time of year and applying for a licence if the conversion will damage or destroy the roost.

If your roof space is bat free and you’re ready to go ahead with your loft conversion, give Topflite Loft Conversions a call to discuss your ideas on Freephone 0500 622421.

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Make space for the loft conversion

Is this year loft conversion year?  If so, you can get started by calling in the team at Topflite Loft Conversions to discuss your options and see whether or not you need planning permission.  This depends on the type of conversion you select.

More Storage SpaceChances are you’ve used your loft to store a number of things!  So to make the conversion as streamlined as possible, it is good if you can remove any old storage boxes from the space.   In fact anything you’ve put up there and probably forgotten about too.

It could be a real treasure trove tucked away under your roof.   Or it might be a chance to get tough with yourself and just get rid.

  • • Go through everything to sort into keeps, sell, charity shop or chuck/recycle
  • • Remember to only keep things you really can’t part with – family heirlooms or keepsakes
  • • If the object hasn’t been used since it went into the loft, ask yourself if it is really wanted
  • • If you find something you don’t want but that may have some value, find out.  You might make some money even before the conversion is under way
  • • Why not have a garage sale and sell off everything your find?
  • • If you find heirlooms or furniture you want to keep, consider hiring some nearby lock-up storage


Now the space is all ready for that great conversion that you’ve discussed with our Topflite team and we can get on with it!

Why not give us a call today and we can set the loft conversion balls in motion: Freephone 0500 622421.

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Topflite take you up in the World

The space in your loft could increase your overall space by as much as 30%.  So it’s no wonder so many of us choose a loft conversion to extend our homes.  We all like the added value a loft conversion gives us too even if in the present climate we won’t be selling any time soon.  Statistics say that a loft conversion can add as much as 20% to the value of your home.  That could really make you go up in the world!

20% IncreaseTopflite Loft Conversions are happy to advise anyone considering a conversion.  We’ll need to look at head room and consider which type of conversion will suit your home best.

All bar the Velux Roof Conversion also known as the Rooflight type of conversion need planning permission so the time that takes needs to be factored in.

No planning permission makes the Velux Roof Conversion very cost effective too.  However many of the other types i.e. the Dormer extend floor and headroom space to make this a better choice particularly where headroom is otherwise compromised.

Whichever choice you go with Topflite Loft Conversions have a wealth of experience to put to good use in both the planning and the build of your conversion.  Between us, our team has a mammoth 150 years experience and skills to call on!

Call us on 0500 622421 – a FREE number – for advice or pop along to our showroom in Chorley.

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